• 50tph Waste Sorting Plant in Vietnam was Built Successfully!

    With great pleasure, STAVN share the news with you that the 50 tph waste sorting plant was built successfully in Vietnam this month. Despite the difficulties created by the COVID-19, the completion of plant proves that the great cooperation between STAVN and the customer from Vietnam. The plant processes 1,000 tons per day household wastes with sorting, plastics recycling, composting and WTE technologies. STAVN is honored to supply the complete line equipment including chain conveyor, trommel screen, magnet, belt conveyors, air separator, electric control system, walkway, and support structures as well as the primary shredder from Metso (Denmark). The target of waste sorting line is to separate out organic wastes, ferrous metals, rigid and film plastics from the commingled garbage. The operation of waste sorting plant has been ready, which will contribute to the local waste recycling business and develop the urban environment and the quality of life. Great cooperation makes great …

  • The Delivery of Waste Sorting Equipment for Vietnam is Done!

    Weare very happy and proud to announce that we have successfully finished thedelivery of the waste sorting line equipment for the Vietnam project at the endof October. Sincethe beginning of the project, we have formulated a reasonable production planbased on the actual situation. We use efficient management methods to arrangefabrication carefully. Through multi-party cooperation, production, technology,and quality inspections have overcome numerous difficulties. The equipmentquality is effectively guaranteed. And the fabrication was finished on time. Wedivide this waste sorting line into two deliveries. The first delivery is with11 pieces 40’ HC consisting of magnet, belt conveyor, chain conveyor, PLCcontrol system and the walkways as well as all the support structures. Thesecond delivery is the Trommel Screen by bulk carrier. Wehope that the customer from Vietnam will successfully run the project afterreceiving the equipment, to promote the waste recycling business. Beloware p…

  • The 3rd Waste Sorting Equipment Contract for Vietnam in Fabrication

    Thanksto the trust from our valued customer from Vietnam, wecontracted the 3rd complete waste sorting line equipment 3 monthsago. Now, the equipment fabrication is about to finish and the delivery isscheduled at end September. Thesorting line is designed to separate organic wastes, ferrous metals, rigid andfilm plastics out of the commingled garbage. The organic wastes shall beconverted into compost fertilizer while the film plastics into recycledpellets. Thesorting line equipment consists of primary shredder, trommel screen, magnet, airlift,belt conveyor, chain conveyor, PLC control system and the walkways as well asall the support structures. In which, primary shredder and airlift areoutsourced from Europe, while the rest equipment are all made in China to offerclient a most quality reliable and cost-effective solution. Beloware pictures in fabrication process.

  • STAVN on IFAT Munich 2022

    IFAT Munich is the largest platform for water, sewage, waste and raw materialsmanagement in the world. It is the international meeting point for the industry- with innovative offers that set standards for the future. Morethan in previous years, next years IFAT will showcase the appearance ofinternational trade fair abundantly, and will provide services for allparticipants in the field of recycling and environmental technology: show thelatest technology, solve current problems, and look into the future. Theexhibition will also bring together participants from business, political andresearch all over the world. Takingthis opportunity, we are looking forward to showing you STAVNs solution and know-howin the field of waste sorting. Meanwhile, we are expecting to share you ourunderstanding on the further processing technologies for the materials fromsorting to build up the integrated waste management solution. It is worth your visit! STAVN

  • How Can Garbage Sorting Equipment Recycle Garbage?

    1.Resource-saving (volume reduction) is a good way to prevent problems from the source. Resource-saving (volume reduction, volume reduction) is to reduce or suppress the production of plastic waste, including less use, that is, use as much as possible, or useless; or by filling natural organic materials or inorganic materials, to reduce the amount of plastic, Or reduce the consumption of disposable plastic packaging by improving product quality, increasing functionality, extending life, and multi-use. Thinning, that is, on the premise of ensuring application performance, by changing the raw material formula and product structure design, make the product lighter and thinner. Volume reduction, that is, reducing the volume of plastic waste through compaction, dissolution, defoaming, etc., and developing appropriate packaging to suppress excess packaging, etc. 2. Recycling is an important measure of environmental harmlessness. The garbage sorting system supplier believes that recycling (rec…

  • Waste Screening Efficiency and Its Influencing Factors

    The garbage sorting equipment factory shares this article for you. (1) Screening efficiency In theory, the fine particles with a particle size smaller than the mesh size can pass through the mesh to become the under-screen product, while the coarse particles larger than the mesh size should be left on the screen to become the product on the screen. However, in the actual operation of the waste treatment equipment company, due to the influence of many factors during the screening process, there will always be some fine particles smaller than the screen hole left on the screen to become the product on the screen, and the fine products in the screen product that have not passed through the screen hole The more particles, the worse the screening effect. The screening efficiency is an index to evaluate the separation efficiency of the screening equipment. (2) Influencing factors of screening efficiency ① Screening material properties The screening efficiency of materials is closely related…

  • Talking About the Structure of Garbage Sorting Equipment

    Waste solution equipment is mainly composed of garbage hydraulic ram equalizer, garbage block crusher, plastic impurity separator, multi-layer dryer, fully automatic hydraulic baler, conveyer impurity separator, crusher, It is composed of organic matter refining sorter, multi-function box sorter, and other equipment. The specific equipment is introduced as follows: 1. Garbage Hydraulic Brake Equalizer The equipment adopts box type, remote automatic control, has the characteristics of no leakage, no pollution, high efficiency, continuous operation, etc. It is equipped with unique master and driven rollers, anti-swelling, anti-winding device, crushing device, and equalizing device It can effectively play the role of pretreatment and balanced feeding of garbage and is the key equipment to ensure the smooth operation of subsequent processing nodes in the entire garbage sorting process. 2. Rubbish Block Crusher As the key equipment for the preliminary treatment of domestic waste sorting, it …

  • Municipal Waste Sorting Equipment

    Do you know how to deal with municipal waste? How much do you know about municipal waste sorting equipment? The following municipal waste sorting plant will give you a detailed introduction. Urban waste is subdivided into four groups: material waste group (including glass, magnetic or non-magnetic metals, waste paper, rubber, plastic), organic waste group (kitchen waste, biological waste), inorganic waste group (furnace ash, Bricks, ceramics, etc.), toxic and hazardous waste groups (waste batteries, waste fluorescent tubes, pesticide containers, expired drugs, medical waste, and waste televisions, telephones, computers, and other waste electrical waste). The municipal waste sorting equipment is specially designed to deal with municipal waste. The following is a detailed introduction. As we all know, world cities should be cities with important influence in the world. This influence is reflected in many aspects, but the level of garbage classification rate should undoubtedly be one of …

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