• Automatic Garbage Sorting Technology

    Over the years, municipal solid waste generation has uninterruptedly increased as a result of global changes associated with population, consumption and industrial growth. The increasing solid waste should be effectively managed in order to prevent pollution of the environment and the associated harm to ecosystem and human health. Waste sorting is an important step in waste management and recycling because it allows the recovery of a decent percentage of the resources contained in the disposed wa…

  • Manual Sorting and Automated/Mechanical Sorting In MRF

    Waste sorting plants, together with the disposal infrastructure, serve as filters in the value chain of waste management by removing precisely sorted material fractions, which can be diverted directly into production or sold as raw materials on the local or global market, and reducing the amount of waste from final disposal. For this reason, the sorting of municipal waste has become a relevant research topic in recent decades. In general, there are two technical approaches to sorting waste into i…

  • Effect of Angle of Inclination

    The mass flow rate of the filter granules was controlled to be 460 g/min, and the rotational speed of trommel body was set at 33 rpm. Both undersized (less than 2mm) and oversized (ranging from 2 to 4mm) filter granules were utilized. 5 kg of undersized filter granules and 50 kg of oversized filter granules were used. Variation of the screening efficiency with the inclination angle of the trommel body. When the inclination angle of trommel body was between 2◦ and 5◦, a higher angle caused a hig…

  • Screening Rate of Trommel Screen

    The trommel length can be used in a recovery index by assuming that the screening rate is constant along the length of the screen. This assumption is not entirely correct, and results have shown that the screening rate decreases asymptotically along the length of the screen. However, for most practical applications the error is not large, although care must be exercised when using data from very long or very short trommels. The reason for this reduction in effectiveness has been explained elsewhe…

  • Aperture Sizes of Trommel Screen

    A recovery per unit length can be calculated from the total recovery to undersize, and the screening length. A more general term could possibly be established if the particle-to-aperture size ratio were used as opposed to data based on discrete size ranges with particular screen aperture sizes. However, results from trommel screen with significantly different aperture sizes do not compare well. This is not surprising, since the nature of the oversize material can vary substantially with screen ap…

  • Several Parts of MRF Construction Need Attention

    The facility layout will include the unloading area for the delivered materials, the presorting area and tipping floor, the area requirements for the unit garbage separation operations, the storage and transporting areas, the sizing for the parking and traffic flow patterns for the facility, and additional buffer space. Scales will be utilized to weigh both incoming and outgoing materials, and there will be a queuing area for trucks at both the entrances of the scale and the facility. The unloadi…

  • Glass Separation

    Glass poses a major disposal problem in garbage separation system. Once glass is crushed it is essentially impossible to sort manually by color. Crushed glass also contaminates other recycled materials such as cartons and plastics, lowering their quality and market value. Although markets for recovered glass are stable for brown and clear glass, these markets specify very low contamination. The demand for green glass is low due to its infrequent use. Most MRFs manually sort glass with clear flint…

  • Non-ferrous Metal Separation

    Eddy current separation removes non-ferrous metals based on conductivity, and is a well proven and established technology for resource recovery in garbage sorting station/MRF. Although there are a number of different configurations, a design type known as the Rotating Disk Separator will be used in the waste sorting plant. The Rotating Disk Separator involves the materials “free falling” between parallel rotating magnetic disks, which are composed of permanent magnetic plates. The opposing magn…

  • Air Separator for Plastic Separation

    The composition of municipal solid waste has changed greatly in recent years, and the content of packaging plastics has increased rapidly. For the waste sorting production line, the content exceeds the capacity of manual garbage sorting, and the demand for plastic wind sorting technology is quietly increasing.The main difference of various plastic wind separation technologies is reflected in the plastic separation and collection methods, which are inertial sedimentation separation, drum filtratio…

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