Sorting Plants - High moisture commingled municipal solid waste in developing countries.

With over 10 years’ experience in municipal solid wastes in developing countries, which features high organic content and commingled components, STAVN is a pioneer in getting these waste recycling plants surviving and growing along with the economy.  

STAVN single waste sorting line capacity ranges from 5 to 50 tons per hour upon project request.After sorting, different fractions of pure waste are received and can be further processed for recycling.

Waste sorting plant receives municipal solid wastes generated from the city and processes them in several stages. The sorting system is at the heart of a waste recycling plant, typically consists of primary shredder or bag opener, trommel screen, magnetic separator, air separator, belt conveyor, chain conveyor, and electric control system, etc. By using a variety selection of separation machines, organics, plastics (both film and rigid), metals, RDF (refuse derived fuel), and inert materials are classified and separated out of the commingled garbage at a high efficiency.  

Outputs from Sorting:

◆  Plastics: recycle for reuse in lower quality requirement application;

◆  Metals: recycle for reuse;

◆  Organics: further processed into fertilizer by composting or biogas by anaerobic digestion;   

◆  Combustibles: further processed into RDF (refuse derived fuel) for energy conversion;

◆  Inert: landfill.



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