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The Delivery of Waste Sorting Equipment for Vietnam is Done!

We are very happy and proud to announce that we have successfully finished the delivery of the waste sorting line equipment for the Vietnam project at the end of October.


Since the beginning of the project, we have formulated a reasonable production plan based on the actual situation. We use efficient management methods to arrange fabrication carefully. Through multi-party cooperation, production, technology, and quality inspections have overcome numerous difficulties. The equipment quality is effectively guaranteed. And the fabrication was finished on time.


We divide this waste sorting line into two deliveries. The first delivery is with 11 pieces 40’ HC consisting of magnet, belt conveyor, chain conveyor, PLC control system and the walkways as well as all the support structures. The second delivery is the Trommel Screen by bulk carrier.


We hope that the customer from Vietnam will successfully run the project after receiving the equipment, to promote the waste recycling business.


Below are pictures during delivery.

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